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Paul Walker: Family Fight Custody Of His Daughter Meadow For $ 45 Million

Not yet fulfilled the first month of the death of actor Paul Walker and problems and began to arise between the parents of the protagonist of " Fast and Furious " and his ex-girlfriend , mother of the only child of artist , Meadow Walker.

Walker 's family can not agree on who will receive the fortunes of Paul , according to a family source . Paul Walker 's coffers , calculated at $ 45,000,000 are causing enough distress among parents of the actor and his ex Rebecca McBrain .

And the family of the late Hollywood actor is now deciding on who will become the guardian of his daughter Meadow Walker, especially in regard to become executor of the rightful inheritance from his father.

Rebecca 's mother, Meadow , who had a romantic relationship with Paul from 1998 to 1999 , believes that she should get some of the assets of Paul Walker , according to a Star magazine , " There's no way said Paul Family Rebecca allows to get their hands on the money , as they believe that they should be financial managers " .

But Rebecca is not the only ex-girlfriend of Paul who wants some of the money . Jasmine Pilchard - Gosnell , who left with Walker for seven years until his tragic death , also feel you should receive a portion of their finances .

If Paul's parents get to keep control of the money , there is a good chance that they will put some distance with his granddaughter 15 years old . " Meadow is too young to handle that amount of money," the source added.

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